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Listen to the Light - Listen to the wisdom within you

       Readings      Jehorvah      Pendulum Class     Tarot Class

        Automatic Writing     Meet Your Guides      Psychic 101 - a series


Heal the Past - Identify and Release old patterns

     Past Life Meditation             Inner Child Workshop  

       Releasing Your Past          Who's Writing on Your Blackboard?       


Balance the Present - Live a more spirited joyful life

      Wake Up Your Spirit      Reiki Classes        Reiki Sessions

       Eden's Energy Healing       Love Your Body     Spiritual Hygiene

       Mind Body Spirit Integration      Energy 101 - a series       Dispel Shame 

       Aroma Therapy       Release Worry


Create the Future - Visualize your grandest version of yourself

      Our Thoughts Create Reality         What's Your Purpose?

       Prosperity Box        Vision Board       Masters Class 


Share your Blessings and Gifts - To claim it, give it away!

      Wisdom Circle       Healing Circle       Listen to the Light Internship 


Be Joyful - Laughter delights our soul.  Make a Joyful Noise!!!  

      Drumming Circle       What Delights Your Soul?       Living in the Big Circle

       Massage       Love Your Body Makeover       Celebrate the Gift of You


Be at Peace - Experience harmony, peace, a sense of the divine

      Meditation       Yoga      Stress Reduction     Creative You    Feng Shui

        Journaling      See with your heart - not your eyes!      Surviving Toxic People


Love!!! - Love self, love spirit, love life and love others

       The I am Workshop            Honoring Your Spirit          Love 101 - a series



                                  Ask about our Lending Library!